MB WhatsApp APK v9.76 Download Latest Version August 2023

Let’s meet MB WhatsApp today. It’s a solution for those who are looking for an iOS look on their Android devices. Downloading the updated and latest version of MB WhatsApp will give you the right look that you always imagine. It’s just like Fouad iOS. MB WhatsApp has a lot of customizable options. Some of them include:

  • Theme changing
  • Message Scheduling
  • Different fonts
  • iPhone look
  • Multiple devices usage
  • Blue tick
  • Hiding last seen
  • Double ticks


MB WhatsApp 9.76 is the updated version of this application (latest). You can easily download the APK file of the latest version of this app for Android by the given link directly. Also, you can modify your chats and conversations without removing the authentic WhatsApp (utilize dual profiles on one device).

Parameters Details
App Name MBWhatsApp
Version 9.76
Developer Stefano YG
Size 61.1 MB
Features IOS Style on Android
Total Downloads 200005+
Last Updated 6 hour ago

MBWhatsapp APK

MBWhatsApp APK v9.71 Download Latest Version June 2023
MBWhatsApp APK v9.76 Download Latest Version August 2023

You can easily get the most useful app for getting the iOS WA user interface on your Android device. It is only possible after the installation of MB WhatsApp. MBWhatsApp is also referred to as MB iOS. The downloadable file of MB WhatsApp APK will enable you to install the app on your Android device without any hassle. It offers various theme options for customization.

Due to its additional features and modifications, this apk file is not accessible through the App Store or the Google Play Store. So why wait more in order to discuss all the beautiful features and customization options of MB iOS WA? However, let us tell you one limitation of this app, its web version is not available. It’s only available for Android/mobile users.

Updated information of MBWhatsApp:

  • The latest update introduced enhanced functionalities and an improved user interface. It results in an upgraded user experience.
  • iOS 15.4 gives the availability of new emojis and bold text formatting features.
  • The latest version of MB WhatsApp has resolved bugs that were present in the previous version. It allows a seamless experience with the original WhatsApp application.
  • Experience the iOS-like interface of Whatsapp on your Android device. Enjoy the fast-speed performance.
  • You’ll have the ability to block screenshots.
  • You can utilize text-to-speech functionality and also personalize your calls.

MBWhatsapp IOS

MBWhatsApp is just like Fouad Whatsapp? Why are we saying that? Just because the features found in MB WhatsApp are identical to the features found in Fouad Whatsapp. Moreover, the developers promptly incorporate them into MB WhatsApp whenever updates are released for iOS Whatsapp.

Plus, the new updates and features are released on a weekly basis. Now, the developers’ responsibility is to add those features and updates along with some new and charming updates and features into the MBWhatsApp. Here are a few amazing features

MBWhatsApp Features


This is one of the most important and most demanding features of MB WhatsApp. The users get an iOS or iPhone interface with the help of this app. The main reason is many users don’t have enough money to purchase iOS.

That’s why they use MB WhatsApp to get a theme for iOS. So, mb mod developers are trying to help them with a better iOS experience and user interface. Thus, users can enjoy the theme of iOS with the help of MB WhatsApp.

Top Privacy

Privacy is usually less prevailed and maintained in the original WhatsApp. Limited privacy options are available on the original WhatsApp. On regular WhatsApp, it is not possible to hide your name or the single and double ticks to indicate message delivery status.

However, MBWhatsApp is rich with privacy fences. Here are some of the privacy options:

  • Single/double tick hiding
  • Name hiding
  • Seeing messages on notifications
  • Reading messages on notifications

Thus, there are a lot of privacy features available in this app.

Different Tabs

Now, let’s uncover another mind-blowing feature of different tabs. Some individuals like to use separate tabs for their favorite or important group chats and individual chats. But, the issue is this option is not available in the regular WhatsApp. Only MB WhatsApp has this feature.

You can use different tabs either for individual messages or for group chats. It highlights that the app cares about an individual’s user experience. Users will have the ease of managing different tasks according to their preferences on the same device with the help of different tabs.

Emojis and Stickers

More and more emojis are available in MBWhatsApp as compared to the official WhatsApp. People love to use emojis and stickers in order to express their emotions and feelings. But, there are limited emojis and stickers available in the original WhatsApp.

That’s why MB WhatsApp has addressed this feature. It’s giving a variety of emojis and stickers. So, you can now express your feelings with the help of different emojis and stickers without facing any hustle or downloading additional apps for installing additional emojis and stickers.

Copy Status

Original WhatsApp has limited functionality that does not give the option of copying statuses. The users mostly want to download the statuses of other people that they like the most.

That’s the reason why MB WhatsApp APK 2023 has given us this feature of copying and downloading the statuses of other people. You can easily save the statuses in your good phone gallery. Isn’t it more than simple?

Schedule Messages

It is quite an irritating thing when someone needs to schedule a text message using normal WhatsApp. The main reason is again the same. The original WhatsApp does not give the option to schedule text messages. However, you don’t need to be worried about anything when MB WhatsApp is available here.

It gives you the freedom to schedule your text messages. You can use this feature without giving it a second thought. This is an amazing feature for those users who are looking to schedule their routines and replies.

Image Sharing

Only a limited number of image-sharing options are available on official WhatsApp. Maximum 30 images are allowed to share at once. But, MB WhatsApp iOS has a “more image” sharing option where you can share more images at once.

So, share many images at a time. This feature has reduced the time required to select and share a limited number of images (reselecting images) again and again. Don’t wait
anymore and download it without any further delay because it’s easy to send the bulk of images now!

Instagram Story Style

Now this is something stunning! Yeah, we are talking about the Instagram Story style. MB WhatsApp iPhone gives you the opportunity of showing their statuses just like the style you share on Instagram Story.

It was never available and even possible with the original WhatsApp. We can say that it’s the best feature when you can watch the statuses the way you watch insta reels or stories.

Fonts and Color Customization

People have different tastes and opinions about their favorite fonts and colors in an Android phone. Normal WhatsApp has limited customization options in colors and fonts. But, MB WhatsApp is swaggy. It has various customization options. We mean to say, you can select different color schemes and fonts.

It is totally your own choice what you like about the interface. This is an awesome feature. It shows that the users are more comfortable now due to the many available options of fonts and colors. So, use the APK without any negative interaction but with increased functionality.

Theme Import Option

You can now import themes with the availability of the option in MB WhatsApp. All you need to do is to import the themes into your MB WhatsApp and use them as conveniently.

Now, how to import themes and enable them into your MB WhatsApp. For this, go to settings and then click on the option of import themes. Now your favorite theme will be Imported into your MBWhatsApp.

Send Large Files

One of the main issues with the official WhatsApp is that it does not allow sharing of large files or videos. Sometimes, it is very irritating. Now it’s too easy to share large files with your beloved friends, family, business partners, and clients.

You can share more than 90 photos and videos at one time. Sending large video files is not difficult with the help of MB WhatsApp.

See Deleted Messages

We think it’s quite surprising that MB WhatsApp gives an amazing feature of seeing deleted messages. Some people end messages and delete them after some time. Whatsapp MB gives the benefit of watching deleted text.

You can also see messages like images and even videos. We don’t know if the original WhatsApp owners are working on this feature or not. But, MBWhatsApp provides you with this feature.

Increased Status Words

Original WhatsApp gives limited words for sharing on status. But it’s a hassle and it’s really frustrating when you want to add more words in a single status.

Now, what to do? Simply use MB WhatsApp APK and you’ll be capable of adding more than 250 characters.

Backup Chats

Backup of chats is sometimes very important. It’s necessary to take a backup of data. That’s why MBWhatsApp gives the feature of backing up chats in simple steps.

It’s a great MB WhatsApp feature for those users who want to send their data anywhere. It’s also good for those who want to transfer it to any other device.

Hide Name

Now hiding the name of any person from your chats is very simple and easy. MBWhatsApp iOS gives the feature of hiding names.

It can be anyone either your favorite person or someone you don’t like to see their name. Just kidding! Anyways, you can have this feature with the help of MB WhatsApp APK download.

MBWhatsApp APK 9.76 2023

The latest version of MB WhatsApp APK for the year 2023 incorporates all the latest updates and enhancements from iOS Whatsapp. It’s presenting the users with an identical interface found on iOS devices. So, whenever updates are rolled out for iOS Whatsapp, the developers promptly integrate those updates into MB WhatsApp for iOS.

Thus, users can get the most up-to-date features by downloading the latest version of MB WhatsApp. Furthermore, the bugs that were present in MB 9.76 have been successfully resolved. There are a lot more features and functionality that are waiting for you to be unfolded.

Download MBWhatsapp IOS APK Latest version

In order to get the updated version of MBWhatsApp for iOs, just tap on the download button. Prior to installation, ensure that the option to download apps from unidentified sources is disabled.

Wait for it until it’s completely downloaded. Now, proceed to click on the install button and relish the iOS Whatsapp interface accompanied by supplementary functionalities on your Android device.

How to Install MBWhatsApp?

MBWhatsApp APK v9.71 Download Latest Version June 2023

  • MBWhatsApp APK v9.76 Download Latest Version August 2023
  • First of all, you need to download the APK file of MB WhatsApp. Now the time comes when you get started with the installation process.
  • In order to install the MB WhatsApp iOS APK file, go to your phone’s settings. Now enable the installation of unknown files or files from unknown developers in order to avoid any issues.
  • After enabling the above-mentioned setting, open the file of the APK that you have downloaded before. Now click on install.
  • Now the installation will begin and it will complete within seconds. Lastly, the time has come when you are able to use the fascinating features of MB WhatsApp.


People ask a lot of questions. But here are some common questions.

1. What is MBWhatsApp?

MB WhatsApp is a new application. It’s an advanced version of the original WhatsApp. It has a lot of advanced features and functionalities that are not present in the original WhatsApp. Moreover, it gives the feel of an iOS Whatsapp. Its features and customization options are not available in the original WhatsApp.

2. Is MB WhatsApp safe to use?

Yes. It is completely safe and secure. It does not possess any threat to your devices. There are no negative comments or reviews about its functionality and versatility till now.

However, it carries some risks. That’s why it is important to exercise some caution when downloading and using unofficial apps. It is because they can carry some malicious codes and vulnerabilities.

3. What is Updated MB WhatsApp?

Updated Whatsapp MB is a modified and the most recently completed Whatsapp MB APK file. Everyone can use it without paying a single penny. It has advanced features and benefits.

4. Can I use two WhatsApp accounts?

Yes. You can use two MB Whatsapp accounts. However, it is only possible after the complete installation of MBWhatsApp iOS on your device.

5. Can I use MB WhatsApp for iOS look alongside the official WhatsApp?

Yes.  It is possible to use MB WhatsApp for iOS alongside the official WhatsApp application. This allows you to have two separate WhatsApp accounts on your iOS device. In this way, each account will have its unique features and customization options.

6. Will my WhatsApp account get banned for using MB WhatsApp?

Yes. There is a risk of your WhatsApp account being banned when using modified versions like MBWhatsApp for iOS. Whatsapp’s policies strictly prohibit the use of unofficial apps, and they have mechanisms in place to detect and ban accounts that violate these policies. Use modified apps at your discretion.

7. Are the additional features in MB WhatsApp useful?

MB WhatsApp introduces additional features and customization options that can enhance your WhatsApp experience. These features may include advanced privacy settings, theme customization, extended file-sharing options, and more. Evaluate the features and decide if they align with your requirements and demands.

8. How often is the MB WhatsApp updated?

The frequency of updates of MB WhatsApp iOS may vary. Developers behind modified apps strive to incorporate new features and bug fixes from official WhatsApp updates. That’s why it is recommended to regularly check for updates. In this way, you will get surety that you have the latest version of MBWhatsApp.

9. Can I transfer my chat history from the official WhatsApp to MBWhatsApp?

Yes. You can transfer your chat history from the official WhatsApp to MB WhatsApp. It’s a pretty easy process. However, it is recommended to proceed with caution and make sure to back up your chat history before attempting any transfers to avoid data loss.

10. How can I ensure the security of my data while using MB WhatsApp iOS?

In order to enhance the security of your data while using MBWhatsApp, it is crucial to exercise caution. Follow the following:

  • Only download the APK file of MB WhatsApp from reputable sources.
  • Keep the operating system of your device up to date.
  • Keep the security system up to date.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive information through the app.

By following these safety precautions your data will be secure and safe.

If you have any other questions to ask, we would answer that happily!


We hope you like the new features and potential functionalities of MBWhatsApp APK. You need to download it first and then install it for use. This is one of the most updated, advanced, and modified versions of WhatsApp. It has only benefits but zero negative points. Hope you like and love it after getting a feel of an iOS interface.

If you have any queries you can ask in the comments section. We would be happy to answer your questions. Moreover, if you have any suggestions you can also share them with our developers and customer support team, they will try to work on that suggestion to bring more to the table.